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A big factor for many relocating to a metropolitan area like Seattle is traffic and commute times. Maple Valley is considered by many to be a “do-able” commute, especially when one factors in home prices and the quality of the Tahoma School District.

When my husband and I moved here in 1987, we were told that his commute time from Kent to Seattle would be about 20 minutes.

Ummmmm……….No! Try 45 minutes-average and an hour on heavy traffic days.

Below are some distances and travel times as posted by Google Maps. I used the center of Maple Valley (Witte Road & Highway 169) as the starting point. The distances and times given by Google Maps is in black, the time I would allow if traveling from my home is below in gray. Of course, I would always suggest you make the drive yourself and gauge the time before making a purchase decision. There are so many factors with Seattle traffic. This is my experience and the amount of time I’d allow…I may be conservative because I hate to be late!

From Maple Valley to:

  • Sea-Tac Airport:

18.4 Miles appx 26 minutes

If I were going mid-day, I’d say this is accurate. Otherwise I may allow more like 35-40 minutes. Just in case the “S” curves on 405 are backed up.


  • Boeing Field

  • 21.7 miles 32 min

Assuming a rush hour commute, 45 minutes may be safer

  • Microsoft

  • 25.8  miles 33 min

I have never personally driven this at rush hour. Non-rush hour I’d all 45-50 minutes.

  • Valley Medical Center, Renton

  • 14.1 miles 24 min

This is pretty safe…30 minutes should do it under most conditions unless there’s an accident

  • Weyerhauser

  • 16.4 miles 23 min

Mostly highway, commuting in the morning I’d allow 30 minutes.


  • Pike Place Market

  • 27 miles; appox 38 minutes

I’m inclined to say more like 45 minutes.

  • Space Needle

  • 28.8 miles 40 minutes

Heading downtown and factoring in parking, I’d plan for 40-50 minutes non-rush hour.

  • Summit at Snoqualmie

  • 43 miles 45 min

Of course this will depend on road conditions but 45 minutes from Maple Valley is a pretty average time.

  • Crystal Mountain

  • 54.5 miles 1hr 25 min

  • Woodland Park Zoo

  • 31.9 miles 43 minutes

  • Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium

  • 32.7 miles 43 minutes

I’d allow an hour


  • Bellevue Square:

  • 21.9 Miles 30 Minutes

Non-rush hour maybe…40 minutes is more realistic

  • South Center Mall:

  • 15.6 Miles 24 Minutes

I can usually get there in 25-30 minutes

  • Sea Tac Mall:

  • 18.3 Miles 24 Minutes

It’s mostly Highway so this is a good estimate

As always, if there’s something you think should be added to this list, please let us know!

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