Maple Valley Home Sellers Have Field of Dreams Opportunity in 2013

Home buyers looking to settle within the Tahoma School District boundaries have not been intimidated by heavy rains or Seasonal distractions.

Low inventory, rising rents and unbelievably low mortgage rates are factors bringing both owner-occupants and investors to the table….often with boxing gloves on. (Cash usually wins but not in the case of Bank Owned “first look” initiatives)

A year over year comparison of Single Family Homes listings within the Tahoma School District shows inventory at it’s highest in 2011 during the month of November, a historically slow month for buyer activity and offers.

However look what happened this year.

With very slight exceptions, inventory continued to dwindle to it’s lowest point of the year in December

This is ACTIVE inventory, as in what’s on the shelf for anyone shopping in the market.

Slim pickings to be sure.

As a buyer, be prepared to make a strong, compelling offer. The days of gouging are done. 

As a Seller, it’s important to understand what this means.

Buyers and investors are looking for right-priced properties, and are not

interested in wasting time looking at anything with an over-inflated value.

Price it right and they will come beat a path to your door with offers in hand .

What a difference a few years makes, right?