Colleen, Up Close

IMG_3986Colleen was bitten by the house hunting bug at an early age. As the daughter of an NFL Football coach, they moved several times as she was growing up. The real estate classifieds in the Sunday paper was her reading material of choice in high school and it was a good day when she could convince her parents to visit an Open House.

Shortly before her Father, Mike McCormack was hired by the Seattle Seahawks to be their Director of Player Operations Colleen met her future husband Russ. They were married in 1984 in Cincinnati Ohio and three years later moved to the beautiful Pacific Northwest where they raised 3 sons and several Yellow Labs.

They now enjoy unabashedly pampering their French bulldog-mix, Eleanor, and grandson, Troy.


Colleen would like to say she’s a golfer, but the truth is she has golfed upon occassion which doesn’t qualify one to use the title. The fact is, she’s not very good but she’s working on it.


When not working or spending time with family, Russ and Colleen escape to their vacation home in Chelan where they enjoy wine tasting, laughing with good friends and taking in the view.






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